Old Hair Dryer Becomes Phone Booth


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s just an old hair dryer that has been turned into a phone booth.

A group of Danish students in the Interaction Design Program at The Danish Design School turned an old hair dryer into a mobile phone booth. The concept is to allow people to have a private phone conversation in public.

The hairdryer is used as a headpiece that has some arduino circuits put into it and an old office chair to sit in. The user simply sits in the chair and put their head under the dryer part and then type in the number that they want to call on the dial pad. There is a microphone inside of the headpiece that plays the speakers voice on the other end and picks ups the users voice.

An interesting design that leaves out some of the practicalities of public phones; the amount of germs that are on phone booths is disgusting, and where would Superman change his clothes?




Source: Design Boom

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