Photography is a dangerous hobby [Infographic]



For many photographers, the thrill is in the chase rather than the catch. These adrenaline junkie snappers live for the excitement that courses through their veins as they chase down storms, march into war zones and get up close and personal with sharks. While these mad men may laugh in the face of danger, damage to their equipment and poor quality photos would soon wipe the smile off their face.

A SeaLife 14MP with rubber armor and 60m dive depth might sound impressive, but you can guarantee that motorsport action shots taken with this underwater camera would look rather shoddy, and while a Nikon SLR 8MP 400mm is perfect for wildlife, it won’t get you very far for a caving shoot.

A good photographer knows their spot focus from their sunpack and familiarizes themselves with the hazards they might face on a dangerous shoot. Make sure you’re prepared for every possibility, starting with the information below.

Dangerous Photography

Info on the Canon Eos 600d

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