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Portability Is a Thing Of the Past With iPort



I don’t normally like talking about iPad cases. Your Techi time is precious, and I’m not about to waste it on a piece of molded plastic. With that in mind, I’ve got this great piece of molded plastic I’d like to show you. It holds your iPad, and everything.

In all seriousness, though, this isn’t the wrong kind of rad. The iPort is a for real-real grown up serious dock that transforms your iPad (or iPod Touch, if you get the smaller one (or iPhone, if you get the smaller one, and are unwise)) into a wall controller for music systems or other tasks that need roboticizin’.

To be honest, that’s just about the long and short of it – it’s a fancy-pants dock that seemingly perma-entombs your iPod against the wall, to remain a kiosk for all time (probably not true), controlling your music from a central location.

And all for the bitchin’ rad price of $250 – or, if you’re all about the iPad version, $499. What do you care? It’s just money, and you already spend 700 dollars of it on the world’s most expensive toy. Entechifying you home doesn’t come cheap. Surely, Jobs will be buying, like, a hundred of these when he knocks down and rebuilds his house.

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