Pro Tip: You can create a group chat in Facebook groups


Pro_Tip__You_can_create_a_group_chat_in_Facebook_groupsThe groups on Facebook can sometimes be annoying; especially since anyone can auto add you without your consent and that in order for you to stop receiving e-mail notifications from each group on Facebook you must turn them off in the individual group or leave. (Can I get an amen)

However, if you use and not abuse the Facebook group feature it can be quite helpful for your business or for promotion. Depending on how you first create the group, will determine your overall success in building a group community.

First you need to create a group that share a niche commonality, one that can be appealing to the masses (especially if you want the group to be public) and tailored enough that your group is not about a hundred different things. To successfully approach this theory is to fill out the “about” section with rules for the community to abide by.

Secondly, you want to ensure that everyone knows how to turn off the e-mail notifications so your group messages don’t become annoying. Giving people options and educating them on their options improves your overall relationship, since who wants a group to become white noise?

To reiterate the possibility of having your group public is the ultimate solution to gain group members and decrease annoying your Facebook friends. Allow people to see your activity and if they share a common interest, allow them to choose you. It makes for a better community in general.

Lastly, you are able to create a chat message for your group and you do not even have to have your chat feature appear online. This way you can send a Facebook e-mail or have a live chat about what you want to share while ensuring that all participants receive the message, even those who turned off e-mail notifications to their non-Facebook e-mail accounts. This way they will obtain the message where it is meant to be seen (on Facebook) without missing it.


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