Quick batch of stats tells the state of Twitter


Twitter Tweet

Twitter has had a rocky road since its rise to fame in 2008. It first had issues when its growth outpaced its ability to handle the load. Then, it started getting a bad name for being irrelevant. Then, the spam started to dominate. Users are hot and cold on it depending on what day you ask them, putting the shortened update social network in a constantly precarious state.

Still, they’ve managed to thrive through it all. Some point to the streamlined way the company has been operated over the years. With under 200 employees sustaining a site that has over 190 million monthly visitors, they don’t need to produce a ton of revenue to stay afloat. Compare that to the needs of Facebook and Google and suddenly they look a lot more secure for their future.

It’s good to take a look at the network every now and then to see where their numbers stand. While this isn’t the most visually stunning infographic we’ve ever seen, it gets the point across with some interesting statistics compiled by Submit Edge.

Twitter Stats Infographic



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