Rumor: Google to halt new free accounts for Google Apps


Google Apps

Google has always allowed free access to their business-productivity product, Google Apps. Up to 10 users can have custom email addresses, calendars, contacts, Google Drive, team sites, and Google Docs as well as access to the Google Apps Marketplace.

By the end of this month or early in September, Google will be be shutting down new free access. Businesses wanting to use these services will have to pay. Currently the base-level is $5 per user per month or $50 per user per year.

Old free accounts will remain active but anyone signing up for new accounts will have to pay even if they are a small business. If you’ve ever considered trying Google Apps for business, now is the time.

As we reported in April, Google has been struggling to compete with Microsoft in the productivity arena.

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  1. FUD! This rumour started with announcement of the team edition ending, which has nothing to do with the free version. Please stop spreading false rumours.

    As for 360 vs GA. MS are playing catchup after they saw the mass defection from Exchange. It will be many years before MS have more fortune 500’s, and overall seats.

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