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The professionals and individuals working in offices need to know the importance and benefits obtained from the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Most of the employees of an organization use an Android based smartphone or electronic gadget to stay up to date about their work through emails and the company’s network. In general, VPN is a private network that creates a secure connection using a public network with the reduced costs due to the internet facility. For all the Android users, it will get simpler and easier to stay connected with their office network at lower cost with the secure connection of VPN.

If you are working from your home or not present in your office and you need to access the email, database and files, then you can connect to the VPN server of your office using internet from your Android based smartphone providing a solution to your problems in the inexpensive way. With the internet using VPN, the access to the network of the business or company can cost similar to that of a local phone call. In simple words, VPN creates a secure and reliable connection from your Android based device to your company’s network and costs 70% less than the traditional access using modem. Apart from the internet, VPN can also run over different networks.


How Connection is made with VPN?

In order to make a VPN connection on your Android based device, VPN gateway is connected with the software on your device. It checks the passwords for verification purposes and approves the user for creating a tunnel of VPN. To enable the internet to understand the data sent through VPN, a header is added to the packet of data. The data packet on reaching the endpoint of the gateway removes the header and is routed to the final destination.


Technologies of VPN

The tunneling technologies of VPN that creates a secure tunnel between the user and the VPN server include PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec (Internet Protocol Security). A network is created by the tunnel and privacy is obtained through encryption of the data. The data is scrambled so that it remains protected and can be decoded by using the right digital key. The ID of a user is verified by using basic cryptography to identify the scrambled data of the whole file in PPTP and L2TP. Most of the companies and businesses are satisfied with the level of security provided by the former two technologies of VPN. However, for greater level of security, IPSec is the right choice that further verifies the data and ensures maximum protection and privacy by encrypting each data packet.

Thus, in the coming years, it has been predicted by the analysts that there will be an increasing demand for the VPN because of the convenience and reduced costs. As a result, more technologies and products related to VPN will come in the market. Therefore, the Android users should look forward to use the VPN service for a secure connection with the versatile operating system.

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  1. There are two types of VPN ),connections available right now, one is paid and other is of course the free one. On the other hand, if you can afford that, you can also get a free VPN connection instead that will serve the purpose but it will come with advertisements from the sponsors. I found it’s best VPN Providers for android.

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