Star Wars weaponry: The creation of the lightsaber [Infographic]


The creation of the lightsaber

The lightsaber has become one of the most wanted sci-fi fantasy weaponry and it’s been replicated throughout homes with paper towel rolls, sticks and of course the toys of lightsabers. This polished fictional weapon that projects a plasma blade has been featured in every Star Wars movie, minus the Star Wars Holiday Special, with an epic anticipated dual.

The lightsaber, only able to be used by a Jedi or its nemesis, a Sith may have been inspired by early fictional characters who not only carried swords but ray guns as well, which let’s face it, with the two combined would make something like what we know now as a lightsaber and perhaps this is what enthused George Lucas to create this futuristic piece of fictitious weaponry.

In the following infographic you can learn How Star Wars Lightsabers Work and the facts and fiction behind possibly the most popular weapon in film history.

The creation of the lightsaber [Infographic]

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