Steve Wozniak on the evolution of computer technology


Steve Wozniak

The co-founder of Apple squeezes a ton of opinions and information into a video that’s less than 5-minutes long, but that doesn’t mean it’s light on data. In this string of consciousness talk that he gave for UCTV, he makes some points and humorous quips, but he mentions on thing that was very profound.

With the development of natural language recognition and faster internet and server technology, our phones are essentially becoming “human” in many ways. It has the sense of touch in the form of the touchscreens. It has the sense of the inner ear to be aware of its position within space. With GPS, it knows exactly where it is even if most people do not once they leave their familiar settings. It has an ear. It has an eye. It may only need a sense of smell to be part of the human world.

According to the Woz, “It’s going to know my soul, my heart, better than any human does.”

Check out some of the most interesting five minutes you’ll hear in technology.


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