Submit your blog to Bing and Google to increase traffic


Submit your blog to Bing and Google to increase traffic

Why do we wait for search engines like Google or Bing to crawl our sites? There are so many websites and blogs out there that we could easily get lost in the shuffle without the appropriate keywords to help them find us. You don’t need to wait, quickly and easily submit your sites to give them a heads up of your existence and possibly increase traffic.

How to submit your blog/website to Google

There is an easier way, all you have to do is go to Google’s webmaster tools and submit your website or blog’s URL to let them know that you exist, they will then check to see if your site is indexed and as long as you create quality content (not spam), especially unique content you will have a better chance of being indexed properly. Google’s webmaster tools will also let you know of any errors on your site, provide you with who is linking to your site, your most popular products and pages so you can hone in on increasing sales or page views that way too.

How to submit your blog/website to Bing

If you have been leaving the search engine Bing to the waste side since perhaps it is not your personal favorite, you should rethink the importance Bing plays on Facebook alone, it is their search engine of choice and if you are looking for traffic, any site associated with Facebook, which has over 900 million users, is a site you want your website or blog to show up on when someone goes searching for a topic your blog or website could provide the answer for.

Here too, you do not have to await Bing to find you, take the initiative and submit URLs for them to check out and see if you are showing up in their search results. This ability is located under their Key Resources and along with adding your URL and a captcha you are done, it really is that simple.

Submitting your URLs to search engines is how you can be found faster or found at all, take note of the day you submitted it and see if you begin noticing an incline in your sites traffic. You may be surprised.

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