Survey finds that people don’t care what kind of tech their car has


You know all of that new technology that automotive companies are putting inside their vehicles and bragging about on commercials? Yeah, nobody even uses it. At least, that’s what the results of a survey taken by market research company JD Power say. The survey was directed at people who have owned their new car for more than three months, and it found that a significant chunk of the people surveyed hadn’t even bothered to try out half of the new features in their vehicle. 

Drivers are steering clear of some new technology in cars, according to a survey released Tuesday, raising questions about whether car makers are moving too quickly to incorporate sophisticated technology. Carmakers are adding everything from remote car unlocking to self-parking systems in their newest models as they try to make vehicles more connected to the Internet and more automated. But the 2015 Drive Report from market research company JD Power found that 20 percent of new car owners had still not used approximately half of the technology features available in their vehicles after three months of purchase – the period after which drivers are less likely to adopt new features, researchers say. The most underused feature was in-vehicle concierge systems that can recommend nearby restaurants or gas stations. It was not used by 43 percent of respondents and followed by mobile routers that turn a car into a Wifi hot spot, unused by 38 percent. Automatic parking systems were unused by 35 percent of those surveyed, the report found.

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