SyFy needs to make a BSG Blood and Chrome series


Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome

Greatness in television science fiction does not have a very strong track record. Star Trek didn’t last very long before getting cancelled. Even ST:TOS lasted much longer than Firefly. Despite all of the poor excuses for scifi TV series in recent years, Battlestar Galactica was the one shining piece of stellar entertainment.

Unfortunately, SyFy backed themselves into a corner. On one hand, they ended the series with no opportunity for a sequel. Then, they tried to play the prequel game with the failed Caprica. This didn’t bode well for Blood and Chrome, the prequel that should have been.  There’s a teaser, a web-series that SyFy and Machinima put out last November that premiered on television tonight. If it were as bad as Caprica, it wouldn’t make its existence important at all.

The problem is that the teaser that features the first mission of Ensign William Adama is absolutely enthralling. It makes a promise that few can fulfill. It has a central character that BSG fans adore, one who’s growth and development we would love to see.

SyFy is gun shy. They failed once and they can’t afford to fail again.

That’s a shame. This series could be a good one. We have the videos below. If you agree and think that the series should be created, let SyFy know.

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