Tech Gifts for a Very Happy Holiday Season

2309 hi tech xmas tree

2309 hi tech xmas tree

Soon we will all be starting holiday shopping, unless some of you out there are disgustingly organized.  We’ve compiled a list for tech lovers and tech muggles alike to help you find the best technology products to give as gifts this holiday season.

Electronic Spy Camera Shirt

ThinkGeeks New Spy Shirt Hides an exact Working Spy Cam Video tSpe 0

We all know those times where we just want to take a picture of something, but don’t want to seem rude, or seem like a pervert, by taking out your camera phone. Finally, we have a solution for just that! The Electronic Spy Camera Shirt allows you to take pictures by simply pressing a small button in your pockets. At just under $40, this is great gift for that gadgety geek.

Another cool T-Shirt we found on the same site,, shows the strength of Wi-Fi nearby by lighting up to make wardriving just a little easier. Not that we condone such a practice. Not at all.

HP TouchSmart 300 PC


Everybody loves touchscreen computers, but they want to actually get some work done. The HP TouchSmart is incredible, because it has it’s own unique TouchScreen interface, and Windows 7. Have fun while getting work done! Hey, that rhymes! And, at only $899, this product is extremely affordable for a desktop computer. As an added bonus, a touchscreen desktop looks really nice in your house.

Powermat Wireless Charging Portable Mat

powermat wireless 1522982i

Another cool device is the Powermat Wireless Charging Portable Mat. The mat allows you to simply place your devices down on a Mat, charging all of your phones, portable consoles, etc. in one place. There are many affordable Mats to choose from on

The Apple iPad
apple ipad case 4

This is an easy one to put on the list, because even if you’re not an Apple user, you can easily become one with the simple to use iPad. It is a great entertainment device that allows you to browse the web and use Apple’s huge App Store to find an app for almost everything. For the person who already has an iPad, there are a bevy of companion products like covers both on Apple’s website and everywhere else on the web. The Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard is a great companion to the iPad, as is Apple’s own iPad cover which turns into a stand.

Apple TV

Another Apple choice, Apple TV is a great entry for people who love movies. Instead of having to wait for Netflix to come in the mail, you can use your Netflix account and immediately get content streaming onto your HDTV. With a price of only $99, Apple TV is worth the purchase.

Sony Bravia LX900 3-D HDTV

sony bravia lx900 3d tv 2

3D TV’s look great, even if they do require glasses. Everything comes more to life when it’s 3D. Luckily, Sony has some great and affordable options for us. Anybody who loves TV or movies would love a 3D TV.

The holidays are a great time for giving, and also a great time for getting. If you purchase some of the above products for your loved ones who love technology, we’re sure they’ll light up like a USB Christmas tree. (Which exists.)

Got some gift suggestions of your own? Leave them in our comments section.

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