Technology is being affected by loss of rare earth minerals



There are many key factors we must take into account regarding how we are to sustain technology now and for the future. Some of our Technologies key ingredients include some of the 17 rare ingredients found scattered across the world.

China in particular has been known for its abundance of supplies for rare earth minerals yet has recently reported that they too are running low.

How Does Rare Earth Minerals Affect Technology?

Some may not know that many of our electronic devices such as smartphones, computers and gaming systems are reliant on rare earth minerals to reduce the weight in our smaller tablets to maintaining the highest quality functionality within out electronics.

The loss of these minerals will affect our future for further technological advancements within health care, environment and even in the defence of our Country.

The following infographic explains the 17 rare minerals and how they affect our Technology today and for the future if they were to expire completely from earth.

Technology is being affected by loss of rare earth minerals

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