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The Apple Store allows nearly anything, even goats

Apple Store Goat

Apple Store Goat

It seems like there are two things without limits: Mark Malkoff‘s ability to pull of crazy stunts in New York and Apple’s willingness to accept their customers in any form and with any pets.

Such was the case earlier this week when Malkoff added to his colorful resume of stunts with 4 impressive tests of New York City Apple Stores’ patience.

“Recently I have noticed that the Apple Store allows customers to things you could never do in any other big brand name store,” Markoff said.

He started off simply by having a pizza delivered to the Apple store. They allowed him to take delivery and eat it at the store. He offered a slice to an employee, but he had already eaten lunch. With Pizza being no problem, he took it a step further and had a romantic date at the store with his (very tall) wife. Pasta, romantic live music, a man holding a shiny ball above them for ambiance, and even dancing. They did draw the line when he asked if they would dim the lights for them.

Darth Vader can get his iPhone repaired and goats are allowed. You’ll have to see those for yourself.

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