The British Museum in London is recreating itself in Minecraft


Depending on your interests, museums can be extremely fun and interesting, but at the same time it can also feel a bit boring. Well the British Museum in London is hoping to give themselves a makeover in hopes that it will appeal to a wider audience who might not have given the institution a second thought. How will they be doing this? According to a report from the BBC, their plans to achieve this will be by recreating the museum and all of its exhibits in the world of Minecraft.

The British Museum in London – complete with all of its exhibits – is to be recreated in the video game Minecraft. The project is part of the Museum of the Future scheme, which aims to expand the institution’s appeal. Many real-life organisations have been recreated in the Minecraft universe, including Ordnance Survey and the Danish government, who aim to make young people more aware of their work. Last week, Minecraft was sold to Microsoft for $2.5bn (£1.5bn). A spokeswoman for the museum emphasised that the project was still at “an early planning stage”, and the “build” had not yet begun. She added that the organisation was intending to recruit members of the public to help with the “construction”.

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