The Closest Thing You’ll Ever Get To Driving An Actual F1 Car

brd06 1

brd06 1

Think your car is pretty fast? Well why not try going from stopped to 100 MPH and back stopped in about four seconds? Well your car probably fails that test. But that could be a reality if you were cruising in a Formula 1 race car. Unfortunately, you probably won’t ever sit in the seat of an F1 car; however, we might just have the next best thing.

It’s called the BRD 06 Full Car Motion Simulator, and you’ll need an entire living room (or two) worth of space just to fit this bad boy in your home. It measures in at approximately 16 x 6 feet, weighs nearly 1,500 pounds, and features enough carbon fiber to make your head spin.

brd06 2

This thing will give you the authentic F1 racing experience too. From the hydraulically operated platform that shifts the car and generates up to 1.5G of force to the smoke that is generated from a clever machine when you push the tires and brakes to their limits, it can’t get much better than this. And you’ll have three 24-inch monitors (combined for over 66 inches of viewing pleasure) to let you watch the checkered flag wave as you roll on to victory lane.

The price for racing bliss? Well, they don’t list one (sad, I know), but it will probably empty your bank account — money well spent on something amazing for the hardest of hard core race sim fans.

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