The Commodore 64 for 2011


Commodore 64 Front

There is simply no way to write a story about a Commodore 64 revival without getting a little choked up. You see, it was the first computer that I ever worked on, the first computer game I ever played, and it got me through the early years before I discovered Apple.

In short, the Commodore 64 was my “blankie.”

It’s back and now with modern functionality as you can see by the images below. Head over to Commodore and buy one. Not sure what it can be used for, but the memories, oh sweet memories.

Commodore 64 Back

Commodore 64 Side

(via: Walyou)

  1. Wow…it’s like a time machine. Really nice job with all the media ports and capabilities while maintaining the classic look. Pretty sweet. I had a Tandy, myself.

  2. The new commodore 64 retains its old design but upgraded and added some useful functionality that are not found in the old model.

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