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The Gig’s Up, Jobs: EU Law Might Force Apple to Allow Flash and Open iTunes

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green appleYou’re one of the five people in the civilized world who own a Zune, right? Well, good news – you may soon be able to sync it with iTunes. Seriously. This is a thing.

In an attempt to save the world and all its inhabitants, three Mortal Kombatants have been chosen the European Union has drafted up a document it’s calling the Digital Agenda, the function of which is to serve the cause of interoperability, openness, and innovation in the tech world. I, for one, am precisely the opposite of not all for that. Behold, an excerpt:

Since not all pervasive technologies are based on standards the benefits of interoperability risk being lost in such areas. The Commission will examine the feasibility of measures that could lead significant market players to license interoperability information while at the same time promoting innovation and competition.

Basically, this means that companies created a walled-garden atmosphere could find themselves getting fingered. Particularly companies that rhyme with Snapple.

Should the document find itself approved, Apple may find itself with no choice but to among other things allow Flash onto iOS, and even the syncing of competing media players and smartphones with iTunes. Well, in Europe anyway. But should it happen there, it may quickly follow suit in North America, where we’ve been tightening the reigns on things like this for a bit now, too.

This isn’t the first time this sitch has found itself happening – Microsoft found itself waist-deep in poo awhile ago over its bundling of IE and Word with every PC sold. Apple’s just doing that. To the extreme. But this isn’t about punching Apple in the box – this is about creating competition, which some argue is what drives innovation in the tech world. Like, look at the iPad. Look at it. Seriously, look at it. Magical? Yes. Harbinger of innovation? Hardly.

Personally, I think this is an issue worth looking into, at the very least. As a purchaser of Apple products anyway, I’m already on the inside and don’t really suffer the effects, as I sit here writing from my Mac Pro, charging my iPod. I’m not fully qualified to comment. But maybe you are! Stand up! He heard! Should the EU be allowed to do this? Does Apple have the right to build its walls ever-higher? Comment box is right there. Take it for a spin, yeah? Just mind the leathers.

What do you think?

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