The Google+ redesign is Pinterestesque (with a little Facebook sprinkled on top)


New Google Plus 3

Google’s first big change from the Google I/O conference

The new responsive design of Google+ has been rolled out to a limited set of users is image focused, multi-column, and loads more quickly than before. Here’s a screenshot of what the feed looks like:

New Google Plus Layout

It seems to be a limited release. After checking with some friends, nobody else seems to have it available. Google is known to roll out changes to a small section of users from time to time. In this case, I like the change. It’s actually quite a bit like the old Facebook look but it definitely has a Pinterestesque feel to it.

They’ve also added some nice hashtag features, pushing them further ahead of Facebook in this regard.

“Behind the scenes, we’ll also identify and rank relevant conversations across the network,” according to a representative from Google. “When you click on the related hashtag, we’ll flip the card, and let you browse related content inline.”

Here’s what it looks like:–ul_qYk

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