The keyboard that loves to be washed


Logitech Washable Keyboard K310As we sit in front of our computers, below our resting fingers is a cesspool of germs. Our keyboards collect everything our hands touch, collects food debris and any dust that is within the air. We don’t like to think of it often, well, until we are about to touch a public computer, then we might think twice. Even though we may take a wipe to it now and again, is it really enough to say that it is clean?

The well-known consumer technology company, Logitech has created a washable keyboard. Its design is meant to remain looking forever new and fresh with drainage holes for when you want to take it for a light soak or if you happen to spill anything on the keyboard, you are easily able to clean it up without damaging it.

We are in amongst a technology takeover and are in need for innovation to adapt to our lives. We spend many hours in front of a computer either for work or for play therefore we need to have tech that is durable and will last even when life happens.

The Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 is the keyboard for the clumsy, for the perfectionists and for everyday life; having key’s that won’t fade and a reliable keyboard that won’t fail you and will be the very first keyboard that will love to be washed.

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