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Football Connect, an app from OneUp, has changed the way you watch live sports.  This revolutionary live-play social sports game makes watching your favorite sports more fun.  You can earn points by making ‘connects’ during the game, chat with other fans or even trash talk the other team.   Based on their live data, we’ve created this infographic that details the best fan characteristics.

The Atlanta Falcons fans are the most strategic, making the most successful swaps that result in point-earning connects.  Who’s talking the most smack?  The New York Jets fans, of course, accounting for 25% of all chat on Football Connect.  Fans of the Arizona Cardinals have the most guts, trusting their instincts and only choosing to swap 2% of the time.  With quarterback Tom Brady, it’s no wonder the New England Patriots have 20% of all female fans on Football Connect.  Want to see where you fit in on the fan base?  Check out the rest below:

perfect football fan 1
Courtesy of OneUp

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