The post-pc revolution


Post-PC Impact

The vast majority of you are probably currently viewing this infographic either while you wait in line at Starbuck’s, or even while you make your daily voyage to the office. It’s hard to believe that around 10 years ago this assumption would be outrageous, but thanks to the innovative minds behind smartphones and tablet PCs, we are finally free to take the interwebs just about anywhere we go.

Google has estimated that by 2013, more people will be using mobile phones and tablet PCs to go online than desktop computers. Considering the amount of smartphone and tablet options that we now have to consider, as well as the reasonable prices at which they sell, consumers have more reasons to jump into the mobile scene than ever.

Even businesses are starting to find value in integrating tablet PCs into the work environment, but the irony is that around 52 percent of retailers have yet to tailor the customer experience around mobile devices. When you consider that global mobile transactions were around $241 billion in 2011, it becomes crystal clear that profit is being left on the table if companies fail to develop any sort of mobile presence.

Check out the infographic below presented by Moovweb to learn more about the post-PC revolution.





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