The state of the internet


Internet Child

Not much needs to be said, here. We’re all on the internet. There are definitely people who are not, but for the most part it is a tool that affects nearly everyone worldwide even if they aren’t users themselves. One would be hard-pressed to find anyone in western society who is not on the internet in one way or another.

The effectiveness of the internet breaks down into two categories: availability and speed. When it comes to availability, the combined efforts of mobile carriers and the greater telecom industry in general has spread a generous blanket over most parts of the world that are part of the digital age. Speed is another issue altogether.

At the end of the day, South Korea is still way ahead of everyone else when it comes to internet speed. Japan and Hong Kong take turns at being the distant second. This graphic comes to us via Chicago Toyota and gives us an in-depth view of the current stats surrounding the average connection speeds around the world.

State of the Internet

(Via: Royal Pingdom)

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