The war on free clicks

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With the convenience of the internet and the google search engine, all your needs and searches are just a click away. However, when you “click” on your searches, what exactly is happening? On the northern theatre, search listings include larger, more relevant and engaging ad formats for any remotely commercial keyword search (crowding out less effective organic search results. While on the southern theatre their objective is to vigorously attack SEO web spam and to raise the privacy bar (no more sharing of these search queries) making it harder to rank in organic searches.So who takes the spoils of war on SEO versus PPC (pay per click)?

A key factor in determining a winner is all in keyword types that drive different value to businesses. High commercial intent keywords (people trying to buy products or services) was won by pay per click, while question and informational keywords was achieved by SEO.Neither side can declare victory just yet in this war against pay per click and organic search (SEO). While PPC is difficult for beginners, SEO is difficult to measure and execute. Take a look at this infographic presented by WordStream to learn more.

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