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Tickets to Space now Available for $200,000

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I was bored and decided to check out the Virgin Galactic site earlier. I ended up accidentally swallowing an entire ice cube and giving myself massive brain freeze when I noticed a little “book” option.

For those not in the know, Virgin Galactic is the project started by Virgin CEO Richard Branson with the final hope of private space flight. The original plan was for tickets to be $200,000 and it seems the company plans on living up to that.

God, my head still hurts as I type this, I’m going to send Richard Branson an invoice for causing me such pain and suffering.

You can now book tickets by paying the deposit of $20,000. You do so by filling out a simple information form on the Virgin Galactic website then a registered ‘space agent’ will give you a call. I assume a ‘space agent’ is a glorified travel agent.

So where do I apply to be a Flight Attendant on a space ship?

What do you think?

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