Toilet technology throughout the years


Technology of Toilets

Have you ever wanted a toilet seat on a motorcycle that runs on bio-waste? No? Well, if you’d ever thought about it, I bet you’d wish you could have one.

How about a sink that drains water from the attached fishbowl every time you use it. It’s supposed to be a strong deterrent for wasting water, but rumor has it, PETA wasn’t at all happy with that plan.

Then there’s the Numi, a toilet that lights up, plays music, heats your rear and your feet and even has a self-cleaning bidet. Oh, and don’t forget the automatic sensor that lifts the lid for you when you enter the room.

Toilets have certainly come a long way from the days of the good ol’ chamber pot. Check out this inforgraphic, brought to you by EmergencyPlumber, to find out more about the history and future of the toilet.

toilet technology

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