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Top Tech Stories of the Week Dec. 19-Dec 25, 2010

Open Internet

Every week, Techi takes a look at the week that was to highlight our favorite stories from the week. When we say, “Top Tech” that doesn’t necessarily mean the biggest stories. These are, in our opinion, the “best”.

Check back every Sunday for the weekly recap and every day for the freshest news and tech opinions.

  • 5 Ways to Save Google TV – Gigaom
    Google TV devices like Logitech’s Revue set top-box were supposed to be the iPhone of Internet TV devices. Instead, they became the G1. Shunned by critics and ignored by consumers, even Google…
  • Hacked Sites Notifications Added to Google Search Results – HotHardware
    Google has served up noticed for malware-infested sites for years, but they’ve gone one better with their latest feature. The company has altered its search results notifications with a “This site may be…
  • What To Expect From Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation in 2011 – Techi
    From an industry perspective, 2010 was a fascinating year in video games. We saw both Microsoft and Sony successfully release motion control add-ons to existing systems – something that a few years ago, would have seemed…
  • Exclusive: MegaUpload Issues Response to RIAA Over Mastercard Cutoff – ZeroPaid
    Blocking so-called “rogue websites” isn’t necessarily in the law books in the US yet, but things are heating up between the RIAA, MPAA and several websites they accuse of facilitating copyright infringement. Some of these sites, it turns out, are cyberlockers…
  • Twitter and Skype Go Down Together: Conspiracy Theories Ensue – Techi
    It appears that Skype crushed itself under its own weight today with reports of up to 20 million users unable to sign in to the VoIP/Text/Video/Audio chat service. They have been the world up to date with a series of Tweets, but that didn’t last long as Twitter went
  • The Woz On Net Neutrality: We Can’t Trust Our Phone or Cable Companies (Video) – Motherboard TV
    As the FCC issued its ruling on network neutrality yesterday, Apple’s cofounder Steve Wozniak jumped into the fray yesterday, as seen in the video above and in an an open letter to the FCC at the Atlantic. He describes his previous experience dealing with…

Google Safety Notices

  • Google’s safety notice for the cr-48. Google has a sense of humor. – Reddit
    You so funny, Google.
  • Facebook eCommerce: The Future of Online Shopping – Techi
    We knew it was only a matter of time. As the online world continues to gravitate towards Facebook as a central hub for many of our Internet activities, integration of business tools was the next…
  • A Guide to the Open Internet –
    Network neutrality is the idea that your cellular, cable, or phone internet connection should treat all websites and services the same. Big companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast want to treat them differently so they can charge you more depending on what…
  • Microsoft Kinect Hacks Keep Getting Weirder – Techi
    Ever since Microsoft’s Kinect hit the market, it has been a hot accessory for the Xbox 360. However, it was only a matter of time before some clever hackers managed to break into its guts and use it to control even more than what had been initially…


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Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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