Trending on Twitter now costs $200k a day in the US


Trending on Twitter

In 2008, Twitter introduced the ability for advertisers to buy promoted trends, a way of taking over a portion of the homepage to drive traffic to a topic. At launch, it was a “mere” $80,000, a number that many experts thought was too high. In 2013, the number is officially $200,000. So much for the experts.

According to AllThingsD:

The promoted trend lets an advertiser insert its own message atop the “trends” list on home pages and on Twitter apps; Twitter sells a single message a day, per territory. Except when it doesn’t: Today, for instance, there’s no promoted trend on the site.

That’s not something to worry about as there is normally something promoted that is trending. Being up 33% from last year means that if they’re able to get half of the days filled, they’ll still make over $36 million this year. Not bad for typing out a few letters and posting it on your website.

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