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Twitter confirms holding us hostage by revoking third-party app images

Twitter confirms holding us hostage by revoking third-party app imagesToday, a new Twitter app was announced for the iPad giving users the ability to do what you have always been able to do with a few added features here and there, but let’s be honest, you are simply tweeting 140 characters. So, the real news here is that Twitter has in fact confirmed that it will no longer allow images to be pulled by third-party apps, instead forcing its users to us their service that is powered by Photobucket.

We knew the threat was there and it was ticking away as to when it would become eminent that Twitter was going to revoke our freedom as developers and users by holding us hostage to using only its services, that day is today.

When going to select your settings on Twitter you will no longer see an option for “image service”, poof it is gone and with that are the echoes of developer’s dreams gone with it. Twitter no longer allows you to choose from yFrog, TwitPic, Mobypicture, Twitgoo, Posterous (which is owned by Twitter) or

We covered the pending possibility that Twitter was going to put the ban hammer down on third-party services for its apps but now it is a reality and soon this will just be a memory.

Twitter’s revenue is based on ads and therefore they need its users to use its services in order to make money as a business, however, is Twitter forgetting about its users to make money? This is certainly a backwards move to what is considered a forward thinking social site.

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