Uh oh! Mark Zuckerberg might not own Facebook after all

fb zuckerberg

fb zuckerberg

Seen The Social Network? Well, they might need to remake the movie if what Paul Ceglia claims turns out to be true. He claims that he gave Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, $1,000 to fund the project with the understanding that he would maintain 50 percent ownership, with more possible if the project was not completed by a deadline. This one might actually be legit.

Paul Ceglia, who has taken Facebook to court before and lost and has been convicted of fraud, has refilled a law suit against Facebook, bringing bigger guns and bigger evidence with him. A significantly larger law firm is backing him up this time, but the real story here is the new evidence in the form of a formal contract:

The purported contract (we analyzed it here) gave Ceglia a 50% ownership in “the face book” project in exchange for funding its initial development, as well as an additional 1% ownership of the project per day for every day that the project remained uncompleted past a certain launch date.

If this contract turns out to be legit, it could mean that Ceglia will be very rich in time. But if history took a different path, who knows, it might have turned out that Ceglia owned Facebook before it ever really took off. The history of Facebook is a never-ending mystery.

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