Video discussing the size of the universe is food for thought about nothing


How Big is the Universe

We almost always get a kick out of Minute Physics. They have a knack for taking very complex concepts in science and turning them into understandable bits of information in a few minutes. This time around, their most recent video doesn’t tell us much but it’s food for thought nonetheless.

How big is the universe? Understanding the difference between the observable universe and the whole universe is actually a pretty easy concept to understand once you wrap your mind around it and we covered that topic last month. They took it a little more in-depth with this video than we would have liked to have seen, particularly when the concept of the size of the universe is a topic that could spark more than just scientific debate. It brings philosophy and religion into the mix, something that can’t be contained within a short video.

Again, it’s all just good food for thought even if the overarching theme really doesn’t do much to help us in day to day life.


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