Visualizing the giant piles of cash the tech giants are sitting on


Pile of Cash

If you had a quarter for every time someone said, “If I had a quarter for every time…,” how much money would you have?  Wouldn’t it be enlightening (and more entertaining) to get an image of the accumulated funds?  For example, would you have enough quarters to fill every room in your home?  Would you have enough funds to buy your favorite sports team?

Consider the monoliths of today’s business world, such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft, companies worth mind-blowing numbers of monies.  We can count their cash down to the last cent.  However, (potentially) what types of purchases and comparisons do those acquired funds amount?  Moreover, how do today’s esteemed tech giants of business compare to the well-respected entrepreneurs and gurus of prior epochs?

For example, Google has most of the world using its services and products, but how does the technological empire compare to the business prowess of the Vanderbilt transportation dynasty?  Oracle beholds enough revenue to hand-pick ownership of the most popular professional sports teams, but how does its stack contrast with the dollars and cents of oil field owners?  The answers and comparisons may surprise you!

Check out this infographic by Who is Hosting This:

Tech Giant Coffers Infographic
Tech Giant Coffers Infographic
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