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Washing clothes with water from your shower

Washing clothes with water from your shower

At first the idea of washing your clothes with the same water you are showering with sounds gross right? Using water to wash the dirt off of you to then use the dirty water to wash your clothes clean sounds absurd, but here’s the thing; we are running out of water.

Currently we use 150 liters of water for a 15 minute shower and 38 liters of water for each pile of clothes we sort and wash that totals to      188 liters of water that goes down the drain and depending on how often you wash your clothes or shower these numbers will fluctuate.

Washit, is a design concept that combines showering with washing clothes, and instead of washing piles of clothes, the idea is to wash the clothes you had on without using more water. The idea is for private and public use by transforming the way we use water and enabling us to conserve it while still being able to function modernly.

Washit can be modified to have access to the washer from inside the shower; it also has the ability to refresh clothes with Airwash technology which allows you to take your clothes back quickly without odors or sweat.

Here is how Washit works:

How Washit  Works

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