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Consuming Technology

There is something on the web for everyone and with internet usage almost doubling what it was five years ago, there has got to be a way to hold all that data. Through innovation and the way content is consumed, there is a way.

To put this into perspective, up until 2003 all the data generated was five billion gigabites; we now create that amount in 10 minutes. So what changed? First of all, people got smarter and saw the future of what the internet could be. We saw the future of sharability; no longer was it confined to hyperlinks in emails. Thus, embed codes and social sharing buttons were born. Devices have grown (shrunk?) and evolved making the web mobile and even more accessible.

Nothing tops music’s rise in the web hierarchy. The average download time for a single song has jumped from 15 minutes to 30 seconds. Syncing has transformed the way we move our music between devices and streaming is one of the most popular ways of enjoying music. Take a look at the infographic below presented by Torchbrowser to see just how far our content consumption has come.


Technology Consumption” image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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