What are the most successful startups since 2004? [infographic]



The year 2004 was the year that would change the way the world would communicate forever. We did not know then that a little startup, an idea born from the mind of its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, would become not only the leading social network but that it too would infiltrate the Internet’s existing eco-system and turn itself into the most successful startup to date.

Not only would Facebook Inc. become successful amongst Internet users of all ages and demographics, but its net income would surpass the estimated value of all other startups that too are deemed successful. We are talking far beyond the thousands, or even millions. We are talking about all startups that are within the billions. Facebook too has surpassed them combined.

Although Facebook is the most widely known startup and has become a part of our daily lives and vocabularies, it is not the only successful startup that sits within the billion dollar category. There are other startups that have made it to the top, some with more or less employees than Facebook (Facebook has nearly 4,000 employees).

Startups such as Twitter, Worday and Dropbox, surprisingly Groupon has the most employees with 10,000 to be exact. Not surprising is the amount of social networks that sit within the startup success sauce, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Other startups within the same billion dollar region range from a gaming site to a cloud service.

In the following infographic “Billion Dollar Startups” you will be able to visually view the estimated value, capital earnings, employee count and year they were founded.  All billion dollar successes since 2004 can provide you with excellent examples as to how quickly a startup can grow and earn as well as use to build in making your very own successful startup.


 [businessmen money image via money]

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  1. Most of companies are founded to earn money not to raised capital only.

    Show the trend of profit for these platforms. It should give the real picture which one is succesful and which one is just a bubble according to current value by profit

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