What’s eating up your data plan?


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In a time where everyone is wanting to save a buck, it is unnecessary to pay extra for data overages on your smartphone. So, what exactly causes overages and how do you avoid them?

Each data plan is made up with a number of gigabytes that are allowed to be used. One gigabyte is equal to 1024 megabytes which is 1024 kilobytes and that is made up of 1024 bytes. One gigabyte is equal to 29,000 emails, 13.5 albums of music, 150 downloaded apps, and 5,700 pageviews. Like to download movies? An average movie download uses 2 gigabytes while a high-definition movie download uses 4.8 gigabytes.

Mobile users in America use their phone 60.3% to take photos, 40.8% use email, and 35.3% to access social networking. Of all smartphone users, 30% access social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn via mobile browsers.

With the popularity of smartphones constantly increasing, the activity they provide is also increasing. For example, more apps are being created every day, and new games are being released. Therefore, it is a good measure to be on the constant lookout for any overages you or your family plan may be hit with. To avoid data overages, it is best to take advantage of WiFi whenever possible, review mobile bills and recognize trends. Stop automatic updates on your apps and also, turn off roaming and push data services. Know your expenses and stop overages, today.

What's Eating Up Your Data Plan? [Infographic]
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