Where business intelligence stands in the mobile world


Business Intelligence

The concept of business intelligence has been around for decades, but only in the last dozen or so years has it become an essential tool that businesses use to make major decisions about directions and strategies. The rise of the internet has made it the central focus of companies around the world whether they’re internet-based or not. As a result, BI’s important has continued to rise.

Society is transitioning towards using mobile devices as primary tools for day-to-day life. Many of the purchases and other transactions occurring in the world are shifting towards promoting mobile interactions for the sake of convenience. We bank on our iPads, buy on our smartphones, and research our purchases from mobile devices often while in stores themselves.

Mobile business intelligence was a growing concept a few years ago but took a slide in importance during the recession. Now that demand is increasing, so too is mobile BI growing again in necessity. This infographic by our friends at Domo explores the concept and growth of MBI.

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Mobile Business Intelligence

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