Who is more social? Android or iOS users?


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Currently in the United States we have two leading cellphone operators, Android and iOS. And we all know it’s about being connected and social nowadays, so which one is the most social of the two? To start off, there are 500 million activated Android devices and 410 million activated iPhone devices. But keep in mind, there are many types of Android phones available and the iPhone only has about 5 upgrades available.

Facebook takes the lead on the highest ranked social application on Android phones. Followed closely by Google+ and Instagram. However, the higher ranking social apps on iPhone are quite different. Coming in first place on the iPhone is Instamessage, then Pinterest and Twitter.

The photo and filter app Instagram only took one week to reach 5 million downloads on Android, compared to taking one month to reach 5 million downloads on iPhone. However, the iPhone was the only device that offered Instagram to begin with.

Android has 95 monthly active users (MAU) and out of the 68.2% of MAU that return daily, they have only received a 3.6 average rating. However, iPhone devices have 105 monthly active users and 57.9% of the MAU that return daily have given the phone a 4.0 average rating. Although this is the case, Android phones do have more unique app visitors than iphone; 10,623,000 more to be exact.

Speaking of apps, Android currently has 600,000 apps, most of which will run on tablets, but the number of tablet-optimized offerings is significantly lower than iOS. However, iOS currently has 650,000 apps and has 225,000 apps for iPad and is on top when it comes to apps as far as smartphone platforms go.

So in the end, who is more social? There are more downloads to popular social apps and a larger variety of devices for Android. However, Facebook and Twitter come integrate your contacts in the new iPhone 5, creating more connection and staying social with your friends and family. Where do you rank in the social world when it comes to devices and smartphones? Check it out the infographic below presented by Startapp to find out.

Who is More Social? iOS vs Android [Infographic]
courtesy of StartApp

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  1. So, the measure of being social is having facebook and twitter apps active on your smartphone? In my days being social was measured by going out for a drink with your friends, and staring into your gadget was being asocial.

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