Who’s going to SXSW?



It was once a quaint music festival. Today, it’s arguably the most important tech, music, and film gathering in existence. It’s a big party. It’s a place where movers and shakers move and shake. It’s SXSW and it’s going to be huge once again.

If you’re going to SXSWi, we want to hear from you. Sure, the music and film parts are important, too, but it’s the interactive portion of SXSW that truly interests us. This is where the likes of Google and Facebook engage with their users. It’s the venue where politicians can share a stage with startup giants. Something big has been coming out of SXSW every year for the last decade. That’s part of the charm. Nobody knows for sure which bombs are going to drop at SXSW.

Let us know in the comments or email us if you’re going. We’re looking for pictures, stories, videos, and contributions in general. We’ll be there. Will you?

In case you need to understand the size and how the festival has evolved, here’s an infographic from Activ8Social.

The Evolution of SXSW


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