Windows 8 #firstworldproblems: It boots “too quickly”


Windows 8 Steven Sinofsky

Under 7 seconds. That’s how long an SSD-equipped Windows 8 PC takes to boot. It’s something that is unheard of in most light-weight mobile operating systems, let alone a full PC OS. The new-found speed has a comical drawback: one would need gamer reflexes to interrupt the boot process and enter setup or BIOS mode, so the features have been removed.

There is currently a 200ms window in which to let the PC know you want to interrupt and enter boot setup. It’s not enough time to flash, so trying to enter these modes means doing so after it’s already booted. Here’s a video that shows the intense speed.

  1. when my win7 pc had a brand new disk (normal sata disk) it booted in 15 seconds.. now that the disk is reeeeeally used.. it took 1 minute. with windows 8 the boot time decreased to 20 seconds.. it is quite good, I’d say!

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