Yahoo is killing off most of its digital magazines


Yahoo’s financial woes have forced the company to put all of its focus on the businesses that are actually making money, while everything else is either being put on the back burner or killed off entirely. Most of the company’s digital magazines will be suffering the latter fate, as Yahoo has confirmed that just about all of its digital magazines aside from Yahoo News and Yahoo Tech are going be phased out in the near future, but Yahoo Tech might still lose some staff.

Yahoo might still be a media company. But after Wednesday, it’s a decidedly smaller one. The company has confirmed that it’s “phasing out” several digital magazines: Yahoo Food, Yahoo Health, Yahoo Parenting, Yahoo Makers, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Autos and Yahoo Real Estate. The announcement comes on the heels of several reports on Wednesday indicating that layoffs were imminent at the company. A Yahoo spokesperson told CNNMoney that some employees have been let go. “In early February Yahoo shared a plan for the future, with this new plan came some very difficult decisions and changes to our business,” the spokesperson said. “As a result of these changes some jobs have been eliminated and those employees will be notified today. We thank those employees for their outstanding service to Yahoo and will treat these employees with the respect and fairness they deserve.” A person familiar with the matter told CNNMoney there’s been discussion about merging Yahoo Tech with Yahoo News. That source said that Yahoo Tech is not shutting down, but will lose some staff.

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