Yik Yak now allows photos so long as they’re not selfies


Yik Yak, that location-based social networking app that you may have heard of, is now allowing users to post photos with their own comments and questions. True to the app’s anonymous nature, however, these photos can’t have faces in them, meaning selfies are most certainly out of the question. 

Yik Yak, the anonymous, location-based social network that has been banned in some colleges yet still has seen meteoric growth, will now let you post photos. Yik Yak works by letting you post anonymous comments — within certain parameters — and letting people within a certain geographical radius of you either upvote or downvote them. The “hot” ones rise to the top of the app, while the unpopular ones are swiftly purged. And the cycle continues. The app, started by two fraternity brothers from Georgia, rose to a $400 million valuation just a year after its founding, and has since continued to see impressive growth. This has not been without controversy, as some people see Yik Yak as a forum that promotes bullying, giving people a mask to show their worst selves.

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