You won’t believe that Komputer Kindergarten is only two decades old



There you are. It’s 1993 and you’re sporting he hair, the youthful look of post-teen angst, the smile of one dedicated to making it in a Clinton-era, computer driven world. You know that it’s time to get into computers but you don’t know where to turn. No worries – Kim Komando is there to help you.

You pick up a VHS copy of “Komputer Kindergarten” and you start the process of learning DOS. Unfortunately, it takes a while to get to that portion of the learning because this isn’t really kindergarten. It’s preschool. Best of all, looking back 20 years, it’s actually quite hilarious.

This isn’t a knock against the respected show host who has been helping people with computers since the first Bush era. It’s just funny in today’s world to look back and see where we were back then. Check out the highlights.

“Now here’s the Computer Tutor herself, Kim Komando…”

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