YouTube Capture app for iPhone is an ideal sales tool


YouTube Capture

There are plenty of ways to use mobile devices to promote a business. The merging of social, local, and mobile into the SoLoMo buzzword of 2012 is starting to became a reality for 2013. With YouTube’s latest app for iPhone and iPod Touch, the video giant has given a powerful tool to businesses who rely on showing people their wares before they make the drive.

For example, the internet has expanded the reach of car dealerships. People are able to look at more industries in minutes than they used to be able to look at in an entire day of shopping. They can identify the dealerships that have a vehicle that matches their needs and contact them about it without leaving their desk. Still, the internet has not been able to replace the peace of mind associated with seeing an inventory item other than through clunky apps and multi-step capture and upload processes.

YouTube Capture changes this. Now, someone who is interested in a car that is several miles away can see it in the same time it takes a salesperson to run out to the car and push a couple of buttons. YouTube and other video platforms have long had the ability to assist in a long-distance sales process, but this cuts the steps down and makes it more accessible for both the buyer and the seller.

Imagine a customer calling a dealership and asking about a specific used vehicle. They want to know as much about it as possible before making the drive to go see it in person. A savvy salesperson can run out to the car, shoot a quick walk-around video, start up the engine, pop the hood and trunk, and get it on the internet in a couple of minutes. They can get it on YouTube, of course, but they also have the ability to share it on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter in a single step. This makes communicating with the customer much easier.

“I made a video for you, Mrs. Henderson. You can get to it quickly by clicking the link at Twitter dot com slash ABCMotors. Take a look and tell me what you think!”

As technology continues to give businesses and consumers the tools to connect more easily, it’s the savvy businesses that can guide the savvy and not-so-savvy consumers alike to the message they want them to hear (and in this case, see).

Here’s the launch video from YouTube:

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