Facebook Rumored To Release Universal "Like" Button

It seems as though Facebook is taking over.

There are about 400 million users on Facebook and about half of those users are checking their profile on a daily basis. Facebook is now recognized as one of the most popular destinations on the Internet and it is trying to increase its reach outside of its website.

The popular social networking site may announce plans to turn websites into satellites where users will be able to interact with their Facebook friends with a universal “like” button, in the same manner that Twitter and Digg allow tools to be installed on sites that allow users to share content through those platforms.

While Facebook currently has the “share” option, that the rumor is that it will be expanded to include a “like” option. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, plans to release details on the plan on April 21 at the F8 conference, taking place at the San Francisco Design Center. A Facebook spokesperson is currently not saying anything more about the rumors, except:

“All the products we are launching at F8 are focused on giving developers and entrepreneurs ways to make the web more social,” said the spokesperson. “We have no announcements or changes planned to our ad offering and policies.”

Source: FT.com

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