Survey States the Obvious: Social Media Use Has Doubled Since 2008

According to a new survey from Arbitron Inc. and Edison Research, social media is still on the rise and use has doubled since 2008. Pardon? The popularity of social media and networking or the fact that it’s increasing in users doesn’t come as any huge surprise.

When the same study was completed in 2008, 24 percent of Americans age 12 and over, were already established on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. By 2010, that number has doubled and now 48 per cent of Americans over age 12 are making a name for themselves in the world of social networking.

People might be under the impression that social media and networking is for younger people only, but this new study is proving that theory wrong. 78 percent of teens and 77 percent of 18-24 year-olds have personal profiles on popular social media sites.

It’s clear that social media is still growing, whether its users are in their teens or middle-aged. The appeal is undeniable and it’ll be really interesting to see what new networking site will come out next. Maybe one with 3D or multiple user chat features? With technology rapidly changing, nothing seems impossible!

[Source: Arbitron Inc. & Edison Research]

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