Thunderbolt. Light Peak. Wow.

When it comes to speed, you put the minds at Intel together with the hardware at Apple and Thunderbolt is born. And it’s fast. Way fast.

With multi-directional 10gps speeds and the ability to cross-connect multiple interface devices, the Thunderbolt promises to change the way we integrate our entertainment and media-consumption mediums together.

Once we get more hands-on, we’ll report what we find. In the meantime, here’s a video by the folks at Light Peak that can help spark the imagination about the possibilities.

YouTube Preview Image
Written by Connor Livingston

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  • Light Peak was a big source of speculation before the release of the new MacBook Pro. The kinds of speeds that they’re talking about — truly a game-changer. I’m interested in seeing how this affects peripherals and the next generation of other devices.

  • Light Peak is an interface for connecting peripheral devices to a computer via an expansion bus.
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