Even Samsung thinks their Gear is worthless

The smartwatch revolution is just beginning and the first casualty may have already been logged. Samsung admits their Gear “lacks something special” and is likely to fail.

Bulky, sluggish and unintuitive, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear hasn’t exactly lived up the hype or the expectations of a ‘smartwatch’.

The Galaxy Gear wasn’t Samsung’s first stab at a smartwatch. In 1999 and again in 2009, it had a go at chunky digital watches but neither took off with consumers. Samsung’s grand vision for the Galaxy Gear was “a companion device that will keep us constantly connected,” as Samsung‘s executive vice-president of marketing Lee Young-hee described it.

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  • Aberracus

    The true is Samsung only knows how to copy. They tried to strike first before Apple. In the end, the result is obvious to see, they are not Apple.