iPhone vs iPhone vs iPhone - the speed tests

There have been plenty of iPhones over the years and they’ve always been in the middle of the pack compared to other smartphones when it comes to speed. Compared to each other, here’s how they stacked up.

Logic and Moore’s Law would seem to dictate that the newly released iPhone 5S should blow the original iPhone from seven years ago out of the water when it comes to which runs the fastest. But as the video below illustrates with an 8-way speed test between all of the publicly-released iPhone models since 2007, the truth is a little more nuanced.

Earlier generation models, led by the iPhone 3GS and followed by the 3G, 3 and original iPhone turned out to be the quickest to shut down. As EverythingApplePro observes in the video, it seems that something in iOS 7 leads devices running it to take longer to shut down.

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